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New Cultures

We create travel opportunities that include service learning and cultural exchange.
We travel with a purpose. We look for chances to inspire ourselves while helping others.

New Self

Our interactive sessions are centered around becoming global citizens.
We aim to not only learn about new cultures, but also how to interact and embrace them from a perspective of accepting diversity.

New Possibilities

Our program is dedicated to giving first generation travelers the experience they need to succeed on a global level.
The mindset of a world traveler is a gift that continues to give as it propels you to compete and flourish in every area of life.

“One’s journey is never a place, but a new way of seeing things.”

Henry Miller

The Passport Life experience is designed to change student’s lives one encounter at a time. Through our organization, first generation travelers are able to learn about new cultures and international travel opportunities. Our on campus workshops, conferences, and trainings are the foundation of our program. Students are able to engage in cultural exchange by attaining passports and traveling to new countries! This experience sets their lives on a path to discovery, empowerment, and leadership.

Our young travelers also get the opportunity to become community builders; internationally through the Passport Life Service-Learning Initiative and locally though the Passport Life Mentoring program. Students have the opportunity to not just become  global citizens, but Global Leaders that will change the world!

Passport Life Pillars
  • Travel to New Places
  • Experience New Cultures
  • Learn About Yourself
  • Serve the Less Fortunate
  • Grow and Develop Your Global Identity


First Semester
  • Cultural Intelligence (CQ) Training & Certification
  • STEP Enrollment (sponsored by US Gov.)
  • Service-Learning Leadership Certification
  • Nomad’s Compass
  • Traveler’s Digest
Second Semester
  • Passport Forms & Photos
  • Passport Fundraising
  • Passport Give Aways
  • The Virtual Student Foreign Service (VSFS) Prep